Mastering the Art of Altering Natures in Pokémon Violet: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering the Art of Altering Natures in Pokémon Violet: A Comprehensive Guide

Altering the natures of Pokémon in Pokémon Violet is a crucial strategy for trainers aiming to optimize their team’s performance. This comprehensive guide will walk you through understanding natures, their effects, and how to alter them to your advantage.

Understanding Pokémon Natures

Natures are inherent traits that can affect how a Pokémon’s stats grow. Each nature increases one stat by 10% while decreasing another by the same amount. Knowing which nature suits your Pokémon best is key to maximizing their potential in battles.

List of Natures and Their Effects

Nature Increases Decreases
Adamant Attack Special Attack
Modest Special Attack Attack
Timid Speed Attack

How to Determine the Best Nature for Your Pokémon

To select the best nature for your Pokémon, consider its role in your team. Attackers benefit from natures that boost their primary attacking stat, while defenders may prefer natures that enhance their durability.

Strategies for Selecting Natures

  • Offensive Pokémon: Choose natures that boost their primary attacking stat (e.g., Adamant for physical attackers).
  • Defensive Pokémon: Opt for natures that strengthen their defensive capabilities (e.g., Bold for defense).
  • Speedy Pokémon: Timid or Jolly natures are ideal to outspeed opponents.

Altering Natures in Pokémon Violet

In Pokémon Violet, trainers have the ability to alter their Pokémon’s natures to better suit their battle strategies. This section will guide you through the methods available for nature modification.

Using Mints to Change Natures

Mints are items that can change a Pokémon’s nature effect on its stats without changing the nature itself. Each type of Mint corresponds to a specific nature.

Where to Find Mints

Mints can be purchased at certain in-game shops or found as hidden items in various locations.

How to Use Mints

To use a Mint, simply select it from your bag and choose the Pokémon whose nature you wish to alter. The stat changes will take effect immediately, but the Pokémon’s original nature will remain the same for breeding purposes.

Breeding for Specific Natures

Breeding is another effective way to obtain Pokémon with desired natures. By using an Everstone, you can ensure that the nature of one of the parent Pokémon is passed down to the offspring.

Steps for Breeding with an Everstone

  1. Equip an Everstone to the parent Pokémon whose nature you wish to pass down.
  2. Place both parent Pokémon in the Nursery.
  3. Wait for the Nursery worker to find an egg.
  4. Hatch the egg to obtain a Pokémon with the desired nature.


Mastering the art of altering natures in Pokémon Violet is essential for trainers looking to optimize their team’s performance. By understanding the impact of natures and utilizing tools like Mints and breeding strategies, you can tailor your Pokémon to fit your battle strategy perfectly. Remember, the key to success lies in selecting the right nature for each Pokémon and making the most of the resources available to alter those natures as needed.